The Pursuit of Creativity

by Akanksha Seth

Capturing happiness as it passes by.” PC: Author

“Can you help me with my write-up?” “Can you suggest me some interesting opening lines for my personal blog?”

“Come on, you are so creative!! Can’t you suggest me something that can help me keep my students engaged?” 

“OMG!! Aren’t you a wordsmith? Can you help me make this speech a little interesting with all those flowery words??”

“wow you are so talented!! You are always bubbling with ideas, suggest me something innovative to engage the audience”

“Hey, can you help me make my LinkedIn profile look a little interesting… Give me some suggestions”

“hi can you help me with some topic for my webinar, since you are so creative!!”

“Hey can you give me some promotional ideas for marketing my blog?”

“Oh!!! You are so creative… I love what you write… I love the way you express yourself… Can you help me too?”

Haven’t all of us been a part of such conversations in our day to day lives? Yes, either side of the creative window- be it being told how creative we are or be it appreciating the latter’s creative ability. Both ways open to a single concept called Creativity.

Do You see creativity in existence?” PC:Author

So one day I set out in search of my so called creativity by digging into a trunk full of childhood memories, the painting books, those naive poems, those thank-you notes, in the last pages of abandoned notebooks. But all I found was a part of curiosity and exploration.

“Curiosity and Exploration” PC:Author

I hunted for creativity in those delicacies I prepared, in the first baked cake, in mom’s recipe tricks, in my first Italian wok, in the beauty of marinating and preservation; but all I found was my curation for hunger or the pursuit for flavors.

“The Blend of Flavours” PC:Author

I hunted for creativity in my write-ups, poems, jams; but all I found was my perspective brooding demanding attention.

“Perspective brooding”

I hunted for creativity in my phone’s picture gallery, the random clicks of nature, travel destinations, in the adjusted angles of the camera, in the colors of the sky and the rains; but all I found was observation lurking to be captivated…

“Lurking to be captivated” PC:Author
“Adjusted Angles” PC:Author

Dejected on not finding creativity, I mused with my eyes transfixed on a lamp-post, as I saw a spider weave a cobweb…and suddenly, I unexpectedly found my creativity in those silken strands, delicately woven by this overlooked tailor of the nature, between the pillars of exploration, pursuit, observation and brooding. I saw her tip-toe cautiously, stepping upon the whirling staircase intricately weaved with glistening beads in the morning dew… Only to find myself viciously trapped in the Addiction to Express waiting at the centre to attack and feed upon the visiting ideas.

“A wait for visiting ideas” PC:Author

Creativity for me is quite a subjective term for the most diverse topics, covering under its ambit an Artist, a writer, a thinker, an observer, a discoverer, an explorer, an enthusiast or maybe just an ordinary human brain trying to think beyond the ordinary.

“Ordinary thinking beyond the ordinary” PC:Author

So, let’s not limit this word to a set of people or ideologies; Rather, let us try cherishing it in our day to day activities… In the ways we begin our day, to the way we cook, the books we read, the shows we watch, the clothes we choose to wear, the ways nature manifests itself each day- say through the skies painted in different hues every other day! Let’s not compartmentalize creativity to the inflow or outflow of ideas. Let’s celebrate it in every conversation and appreciate our own selves for being creative in our ways. That’s how we would do justice to this beautiful concept, which is so much inherent and omnipresent, yet unrecognized part of our world.

“Just like Skies painted in different hues”
PC: Author

The author is a software engineer by vocation and is passionate about poetry, photography and oration.

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