A Martyr Speaks

By Sanjil Garg

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Long it is transpired
The valor of these iron-men
The pride of the lions
Walking in the Hardihood!

They ask me each day
Was the face-off imperative?
Was it necessary to burn the borders?
To clamp down the threads
And follow the orders?
But little do they know
The theories and briefs
I did not join Army
To sit in bunkers with grief
My brothers called
And I had to go!

I ask them
What would they do
If their kith is hurt
Wont they rush
With all the force to their gut
Tell me—-
Was the bash on Colonel Justified??
Did the dragons not know
Tensions may build each side
They knew we would come
Alongside river,

Even if the temperature
Made our bodies shiver!

They say in battle
A CO is a father
Who protects his child.
Like an Alpha in the pack
Hunting in the Wild.

Fallen warriors, go too soon
The best, the brave – bold and bright!
Like a comet thrust from the skies
On a late summertime night!

Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note,
As my course to the rampart they hurried;
Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot
O’er the grave
Where I was buried!

Some Words that I left:

If I die in a war zone, box me up
And send me home
Put the daisies on my chest,
Tell my mom I tried my best.
Tell my dad not to bow,
His son never lost hope
Even when plunged in snow.
No Guns No bombs did I take
My Coach taught me

Your hands are what it takes.
Tell my wife,
She was my pride.
Her proud on me
Never left my side.
Tell my kids
Never to weep
Children of soldier
Stand up on their feet.
Tell my nation
Not to cry;
Because I am a soldier
Born to Die!
Even Death cannot destroy me
As long as my brethren care!

The author is an MBA student from the Great Lakes Institute of Management

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