The much-needed Epiphany

By Atreya Agrahari

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“I am so hungry… most of the food I intake goes to the baby”, thought Modini- the Elephant. She was a native of the Malabar region dwelling in the Silent Valley Forests. It was a long time since she was carrying this baby in her and so would feel hungry all the time. After wandering in the forests for some time, she saw a pineapple distinctly visible in the fields nearby. “Ah! I so much love this fruit. It is so hot here; maybe it will quench my hunger”, she murmured to herself. She approached the fields and the very sight of that big pineapple which had tempted her from a distance, made her happy. “You will devour this food, my child”, she told the child in her womb.  

Modini ate the pineapple, however felt at great unease post that meal. Her heart was thumping and she was feeling anxious. She approached the nearby Velliyar River and stood in its cool waters, so as normalize things. After few moments elapsed, Modini lay dead.  “Come on Mama! This world was not for us; Let’s leave for a better abode which is devoid of malicious practices like these”, said her baby’s soul to Modini. And they both happily departed from this planet.

What had happened actually causing the sudden demise of the animal? That pineapple was in fact filled with powerful crackers; and exploded in her mouth when she was munching it. It was a common practice by the owner of fields there, to plant such traps for the incoming animals. A sad but true tale!

The words you are going to read further are not merely meant for reading. They are sort of an exercise for your grey matter; a fuel for your empathy quotient. Pick up any newspaper, tune in to any TV channel. Half of the news revolve around the feelings of hatred, revenge, unhealthy competition and melancholy. What is an end to it? Sometimes the mind gets bogged with so much negativity around.

Sit back and relax. Instead of jumping the guns of anxiety posed by these debacles, try to find the cause-effect and solutions. In your mind, focus to visualize the entire universe. How well the entire universe is placed… Each component fulfilling its purpose graciously. Mother Nature not just gives us the basic elements for survival but also soothes the delirious minds.

Want to experience it?
Look outside.
Up High..
Stars or the Blue Sky;
Down so low,
Flowers blooming with a pretty glow.
All around do you feel, the caressing zephyr sent to heal?
Moonlight and sunlight ,
kissing your cells…
Do you get the “insight”?

Created by the same elements of nature, are we fulfilling the purpose of our creation just like
air, water, earth, sky and the fire? No!

How well the nature balances itself out is pretty much evident from the current crisis of COVID-19. Still, we as homo sapiens who claim to be the wisest of all creations are unable to balance out our woes, the woes faced by our society, our race, and above all… OUR PLANET!

Exploring some of the contemporary problems: Nations are fighting over land issues. Borders or territories do not speak themselves but people representing them take sides and exacerbate the disputes between nations. Right from US-Mexico disputes to disputes over Israel, not to forget the most recent Indo-China dispute, do you think hegemony drives such unwanted situations. Reflect on a primary axiom… How much land do you need to live? Is it not the ‘want’ of having ownership over a particular asset, which is leading to so much havoc?

Yet another contemporary problem is: Inappropriate use of power to accumulate money and direct the benefits accruing from public goods to own kith and kin; marginalizing those already in need. This not only inflicts pain on innocent people but also disrupts the very fundamental behind an equitable society. Reason behind this power-nexus? Greed.

So many individuals and families have fallen a prey to this contemporary problem set. Had we struck the balance right, the balance between sustainability and development, then during these hard times of COVID-19, we would also have been in a “curing” state like the other non-human creations of Mother Nature.

Adding more to the heinous crimes or atrocities committed on this planet are on the flora and fauna, by mass destruction of the various species. In all the activities that have been highlighted to us through various channels, one major take-away for all remains that Science and Technology, instead of nourishing/facilitating the environment is being used more for destructive acts. Such innumerable examples prove how have we deviated from our “human” purpose. We need to act like the way we are created as a progeny of Mother Nature. Mother Nature whose power lies in silence. She can bestow upon us a “calming” energy or punish us for disturbing its “calm”. This calm, this balance —- which has to be both ecological and empathetic. We need to strike this balance now if we want to stop this ugliness from taking a form that engulfs the entire existence and this species of Homo Sapiens!

The author is an IT Analyst with a leading software consulting firm

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