The ‘DISCO’ way of living

By Vaibhav Dangwal

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What are those traits which are common in leaders, billionaire CEOs and successful personalities all around the world? What are the things they do, that makes them successful? Is it just sheer luck or do they have some kind of ‘gifted’ powers? As you go through thisarticle, I’m sure you will get answers of some of the fundamental aspects related to these questions. The ‘DISCO’ way (which is an Acronym of the characteristicsthat we will actually be delving deeper into)not just decodes five personality traits which successful people practice, but also outlines how to live a life of purpose.

As a matter of fact, the common difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person lies in habits and priorities each have. While some put their efforts in meeting deadlines and hustle towards achieving their goals, others might just procrastinate and push the deadlines. It’s all a factor of time that what you find pleasurable today may be the reason for your failure tomorrow. Let’s now move on to the personality traits that describe the DISCO way of living:



It’s impossible to gain success until you learn to control your mind. Every successful person is living a disciplined life. Or should I say every person living a disciplined life is either successful or is on his way to meeting success. However, most of us don’t have a disciplined lifestyle, which makes them not meet their set targets. The simplest thing you can do is to make a to-do checklist and act accordingly the whole day. While going to bed at night, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Discipline builds mental toughness and boosts resilience. Often people take it the other way round, thinking of discipline as some sort of imposition, and hence punishment. However, foregoing immediate pleasures and sticking to a particular routine in life that comes as an off-shoot of DISCIPLINE, is the only road to sustained success.



It is a proven fact that if you live around five successful people, you will be the sixth. If you spend most of your time in company of those people who are much better than you, then there are high chances that you will be exposed to greater learning, leading to ‘CHARACTER OSMOSIS’. When you are cultivating who’s around you, you are cultivating who you are. As the secret to success lies ininvesting your time in upskilling yourself, people are a catalyst in this process. People who have same goals as yours, or who tirelessly work towards meeting their dreams, or those who have already treaded that path. Choose wisely, there are only two type of people- one who inspire you and others who drain you. So, it is always prudent to choose quality over quantity. Just like great championships bring out the great in athletes, great people bring out the great in you.



The major strategy to deal with any task is believing that there is no tomorrow. Most of the successful people do not subscribe to the words ‘PROCRASTINATION’ or phrase like “I’LL DO IT LATER”. They approach each and every assignment with the tenets of ‘Parkinson’s Law’, which advocates that work expands/confines to the time available for it. For instance- if one is given a two-week extension to complete an assignment, most probably that work gets done on the 14th day, taking the whole time allotted. Whereas, if deadline for submitting the same assignment is preponed to four days, then one works a little fast and completes it on the time. The winning catch, hence, is to start early and be effective. The more time you take to complete a task, the more boring it seems. Successful people start with what they have and desire for what they want. It’s a losing trait to complain for things one doesn’t have.



Work-ethics and morals are the defining attribute of successful people. Attracting success in your life requires some morals and ethics. These ethics or set of rules one has to choose according to his/her goals and environment. Yes, big leaders and successful people all around the world have abstained from lot of worldly pleasures and have won over their temporary desires, so as to meet their goals. They have followed constructive ethics that makes them confident of their work. They follow a set of principles that emanate from their personality but also gel well in sync with the organization’s vision. Successful people always align their beliefs, their actions, their mindset to their goals. They totally indulge in what we call a ‘FLOW STATE’. They live in an environment which brings them to their peak. As a result of this, their productivity, creativity, decision making, and risk taking skills are on next level.



Success comes to a person when they believe in themselves, their actions, and their environment. How to turn every situation into an opportunity is an aspect of a constructive mind, which every successful person develops. Instead of blaming their surroundings, entrepreneurial minds take the charge on oneself to find a solution. Their way of approaching each problem resonates with the phrase: “when the seed doesn’t grow, you change the environment not the seed!”

Yes, they are optimistic. They aspire to lead by setting example and attract success. After all, the environment outside is nothing but a reflection of your mindset inside.

Essentially, these five personality traits differentiatebetween a doer and a non-doer, and hence highlight a successful person. Starting from a disciplined lifestyle, to having an inspiring circle, tothe ‘start now’ attitude, followed by constructive ethics, and ultimately an optimistic mindset towards success, these characteristics are a hallmark of each successful person. When you follow the “DISCO” way, it’s possible to be successful in each endeavor you make. Now as you have a clear idea about how to attract success in your life, so start hustling and soaring high!!!

The author is a graduate student and a knowledge enthusiast

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    Thank u Vaibhav sir .
    U are really a great man .

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