By Nikhil Verma

Podcast by Trisha Srivastava

You can listen to the podcast here

In this world of today,

We keep working like some pre-programmed robots,

Trying so hard, to justify this existential crisis,

And with no real destination imprinted in our mind,

We just keep walking forward like mindless zombies,

What is the point of doing all every day?

We just keep asking ourselves all the time,

Is life taking us nowhere else than that cubicle,

We just keep searching for that non-existent finish line,

Data flows like blood in our veins,

Deadlines keep controlling us like fear,

Expectations keep dragging us in a bottomless pit,

Constantly reminding us of the guilt of failure,

The wings of imaginations were clipped a long time ago,

By the plans of creating a monotonous future,

Years just kept coming and going like milestones,

Till we realized that those childhood dreams were left behind many seasons ago,

All the sense of self righteousness,

Keeps going up and fades in that rising smoke,

In the quest of killing our stress and drowning our sorrows,

We sold to the demons, what was left of our heart and souls,

This life itself has become like a meaningless theater,

With everything running like a clockwork of ironies,

Those same things that we have come to hate,

We always end up committing those same atrocities,

Even the eternal jokers now fail to make us smile,

While tears keep flowing down the drains like streams,

And while someone keeps enjoying the luxuries like granted,

For some, getting two straight meals is no less than a feat,

That fabled gap between the Rich and Poor kept expanding stealthily to a ravine,

And many fell down trying to bridge it in a doomed quest, to fade in the obscurities of time,

With no sense of what’s right,

And what’s wrong anymore,

The forbidden questions keep arising in our minds,

Asking constantly about all those long forgotten times,

Where did that time go away,

When people used to care for each other,

And It Didn’t matter what might come forth every day,

While we think what’s wrong with the people of today,

Spewing hatred like fire from their mouths,

It really doesn’t matter who comes in front of this fire,

Coz the masses are never quite thinking about the consequences of what they say,

People in power keep getting tempted and corrupted by the glittery gimmicks,

Always getting enticed and seduced by the venom inside,

And the common folk are the ones who get pillaged on the mantle of truth,

While the power struggle rages on like a forever rising storm, brushing everything righteous aside,

Common people have lost the ability to separate good from evil,

For they just choose whatever filth the Devil churns out from His mischievous anvil,

They always keep jumping on the treacherous roads, and wrongly marketed bandwagons,

Blinded by the fake glittery world of doowhops and hooligans,

It’s out of the Understanding how we fail to realize it every time,

We’re condemning ourselves to a fate worse than death,

Where the cost of life would not be worth more than a dime,

Never appreciating where the life puts our faiths and beliefs to test,

And this same cycle keeps repeating itself with a different setting,

Like that giant wheel which just doesn’t seem to stop rotating,

And all those things and experiences which were being cherished once,

Now find themselves locked somewhere in a dust gathering box full of rust,

But if given a chance to do it,

I would surely like to roll back the dice,

Which would take me back once more,

Flying away to a happier time,

But now looking back, I’m not even sure,

As in what makes me more satisfied now,

Be it my childhood where I thrived before,

Or this adulthood where I am surviving now,

For I now realize that each and every phase of life,

Presents us with it’s challenges every time,

While those earlier challenges were fun to tackle,

I’m not sure when they would break my will this time,

See, its been all about those struggles and battles,

With these scars on my mind to show for my victories,

A broken heart and terrified soul to show for the loss,

Whatever it has been, I’ve still walked on like a tiring wayfarer,

Like a long forgotten someone, who used to smile like any other….

The author is an IT Support Engineer and describes himself as a literary enthusiast, photographer, and music lover

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