By Mr. Umair Siddiqui

Podcast By Miss Anukriti Awasthi

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

Hey You!!! Are you really a prisoner of your own emotions? Are you caged by the ever growing
insecurities within you? Are you someone for whom it doesn’t matter whether the Glass is Half Full
or Half Empty, but what’s inside that glass is all that matters?
Are you someone who cherishes every small blessing in life? Are you someone who rejoices &
celebrates every colour in the canvas of human emotions?
Well my friend, You, the glorious mess you are…in a way You Are Beautiful!

Have you ever wondered how it’s so propelling and intriguing at the same time, to be successful in
life…? How it’s important to carve a niche for yourself, and achieve that milestone you set for
yourself back in the past. How in this endeavour, every small and big win would mean so much to
you? How even a slightest bump in your journey would make you feel all dejected and anxious of
your tread towards that road to glory?

It’s one thing to be wary of your choices, decisions, goals & ambitions, however it’s whole another
thing to be mindful of the fact that this what you have, today, right now, is the biggest gift. It is the
biggest bundle of joy and the biggest pack of blessing you are bestowed upon with. We, in the daily
hustle bustle of life, in the rush hour of completing daily chores, sometimes tend to lose sight of the
fact that Gratitude, compassion, and appreciation are something people yearn to possess.
Gone are those days when mental rage & agony, and emotional wear & tear used to be an abstract
thing, or a mere word in the dictionary/plot of the movie. Now, it is very Real, and at everywhere
around you see… be it your workplace when You often get to hear you are replaceable. Reasons for
the replacement might be cited like that of prioritizing your health. However, no one ever tells you
why & how they are so appreciative of your state. No one really acknowledges that how ‘YOU’ are
the best they could have got… What they fail to take cognizance of is that ‘YOU’, are the best fit for
this role and even though you can be replaced, the void that you would leave, that little ‘extra’ which
you have been bringing to the table every now and then, is what is culminating to be the best asset
they have.
Indeed, Human Beings are a funny species…The diverse set of emotions they possess: the heart
wrenching, the placid excitement, the never ending desire to grow, the exhilarating passion of a
joyful life, and so on… are something that is inherent to the very nature of their evolution
The world will always be a roller coaster, no one said it is ever going to be easy, no one said it will
ever be in favour of us, but it’s the grit, the perseverance, the meticulousness within that drives us
far & beyond. It’s important to have goals and ambitions in life, however something that really
matters is how open and acceptable you are to any adverse situations that may be unprecedented &
extremely uncalled for. This is where the true sense of acceptability arises, the only way as a
resultant of which we can be at peace with ourselves.

In these unforeseen circumstances, in the rising tides of uncertainties, let us be mindful of the
reality, let us be prone to positivity, let us be hopeful, ambitious, open to cherishing every small
victory. That moment when you look deep within you and dawned with the realization that YOU are
bestowed with blessings galore… Yes! The World is a happy place. The World is beautiful 🙂
So are you ❤️

The author is a Product Manager at a leading organization; and a literary enthusiast.

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