by Nikhil Verma

Podcast by Mr. Sumangal Haldar

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

One fine day, as I lay in my room,

Thinking about those future plans,

Just then My dad called me out,

And Said, “Son, let’s have a long chat.”

See I’ve been watching you..

For these past few days,

And all that you ever do,

Is to eat and then doze off all day.

Look son, this is not some fantasy world,

Where you can do whatever you think you could,

I’ve heard that you’ve got some really big plans,

But to put them in motion requires some efforts with the hands.

As you may be aware, that people expect something from you,

But if you stay this way, how can you expect them to respect you.

Son, this is the time to prove yourself,

Come on! show the world that you can support yourself.

You know I’ve been supporting you for all these years!

When you were successful, I was equally elated,

But when you failed, I didn’t shed even a single tear.

I was afraid that you might get a little disappointed,

And you could’ve given up easily, without even getting started.

So I just encouraged you to go on and try again,

Even if it meant to face your biggest fears,

Because I believed and knew all that time,

That you’ll always come up at the top of your fears.

And during all those times when I was tough,

I was trying to teach you the lessons of life.

Most of the times life tries your patience,

And if you don’t pay attention, it could get really rough!

I’ve always tried to tell you that I care for you,

Even though I might not have shown this to you,

But know that son, whenever something happens to you, I have always made sure that it doesn’t negatively affect you.

As you can see that now I’m getting old,

and may no longer be like what I was before,

And this burden that I have carried for so long,

is something, that I now want you to hold,

In the coming future, you’ll carry forward this ray of light,

And even though the road ahead is not always easy,

I still expect you to try with all your might.

I have always wished that you go even higher than me,

And when you’re sitting at the top,

and whether or not I’m there with you,

Know this son, that there’d be no one who will be happier for you, other than me.

These were the words that I wanted to say to you,

Because this Life’s short and time’s running out,

And who knows tomorrow I may not be there to guide you along,

But this would ensure that the right path is always revealed to you.”

With these final words, he went away just like that,

Leaving me stunned, at a loss of words, and respect in the mind…..

For my dad.

The author is an IT Support Engineer and describes himself as a literary enthusiast, photographer, and music lover

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