Perpetual Musings

By Archit Tewari

Podcast by Sumangal Haldar

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

I don’t know why?

A spherical lampshade hangs over my eyes

Light tears through the curtain drawn windows

Trying to sleep, I keep staring at the darkness

Holding up my hand, I stare, but it is …dark……

Wind chimes clutter along a whistling sound

Painful eyes wanting to retire with sleep

Mind awake, the body is at unrest

Something creeps in and thoughts flicker within

Confusion grips the lonely heart

Oppressed are visions, suppressed are the thoughts

Far across are shadows, even light is a distant guest

Relics seem to crash and the marks are all wet

Raging is the water, surging is its chest

Flashing along the road, wind-blown sores rest

Backing off in pain is the only smiling way

Two steps here and another two there

A cat turns around, a silver flash slivers

Change is inevitable but what’s the whole issue?

Crows and eagles only soar in the sky

Clouds pour down, there’s disgust in my eye.

Holding the river is a whole new lie

Smiling along the whole while, aye

Deserted would be the ways, directionless it says

Will and aggression all into chains

Drooping shoulders, head bowed down

Faceless is the crowd with no aim of my own

A dilapidated soul in a heavy stroll

Corridors are so empty, sightings of rarity

Once in a blue moon, is a dream of clarity?

(Those reigning rain drops, the covert sneak outs, A ray of hope and a clap of thunder….)

Roses turning colourless, black blocks seeming endless

Paths closing ruthless, jamming me merciless

Revenge of all goodness, trembling all norm less

Time heals and time is sealing

Roaming in a circle, my wish is a cycle

Floating around, meddled is my ambition

Wreckage lies around, strength is now shattered

Shattered along, killing glorifies my view

Here I am, still smiling for a few………

The author is Director APAC at MAGNA Global

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