Volunteering: Service to the Society

by Nidhi Tiwari

Voice over by Trisha Srivastava

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“I looked everywhere, there was no one to extend a helping hand. That ‘in’significant life (for most in crowd) was dying and at the same time something inside me too was slowly extinguishing”. A car hit a small puppy and just made its way, as though nothing ‘big’ happened. There it lay on road, helpless and bleeding profusely and taking her last breath. I held her in my hands and before I could take any meditative actions, she died. I was devastated, heartbroken, in so much grief and anguish that I even couldn’t cry. This was my moment when I decided to be a part of the animal shelter- a place that provides care to stray animals, tends to their wounds and caters to their needs of shelter and food.

Volunteering at an animal shelter is a great experience. Personally, it showed me that there is a plethora of wondrous pets who are placed into shelters every day and they genuinely just want to be loved.  I have seen animals in pain; their suffering is so heart wrenching and painful especially when they can’t express it all. What is the most heart-touching aspect of this service, is the love that these animals are capable of giving back. They are prudent enough to sense their caretakers’ love, and in return express their happiness through various acts of kindness.

With our busy lives nowadays, it is exhausting to look beyond the tasks and activities that consume most of our time. Amidst this time-crunch, seeking out time to volunteer for a cause- animal rights in this case, is indeed a solace. Overall, I learned so many positive attributes from our canine and feline friends, and also from the staff at the shelter who selflessly tend to these animals. I can proudly say that volunteering at an animal rescue was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Among the many advantages of volunteering few are:

  1. It inculcates in each volunteer, the virtues of community building and conversation facilitation. Serving marginalized and vulnerable sections (elderly, children, communities, animals that have a very little access to health care and other facilities) is always a larger good to humanity and Self Actualization.
  2. The correct match will assist you to seek out friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career.
  3. Giving to others can even facilitate shield your mental and physical health. It will cut back stress, combat depression, keep you motivated, and supply a way of purpose in Life.

India is an exemplary nation bestowed with an enriching heritage, a vivacious society, and above all a rich demographic dividend. It’s no surprise that this nation keeps attracting tourist-folks from around the world. However, as this nation treads the pathway to development and growth, inclusive growth still remains the topmost agenda to achieve. This calls for the participation of the youth and the affluent sections, who can offer a helping hand in bringing equity to the deprived. Volunteering towards the justice and equity for all sections of the Society meets this cause and is in fact, need of hour.

There exist several routes for entering the volunteering space. One may take the route of joining charities and non-government organizations (NGOs) that principally work in select thematic areas. Or, one may enter into the domain of development practice and join international organizations like CRY, UNICEF, WHO etc. which employ people in their live projects that are already funded by donor agencies. This said, these esteemed and respectable organizations prior to recruiting people, put into effect the background check of the candidate before actually deploying her/him in service station.

Presently, this young volunteering scene, in India, manifests through various forms:

  • As Individual volunteering,
  • Cluster Volunteering at formal/informal levels,
  • Formalized context like company establishments, NGOs, faith or charity-based organizations, grass-root NGOs.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be compelled to involve a long commitment of time out of one’s busy life. Participating through even simplest and straightforward which lift your mood up and make you happy, also suffice most of the times. The most important facet of life is to give back to the Society one is a part of. This can only happen once an individual instils the fundamentals of Humanity, Service, and Team-Work in herself. There may be a number of causes that may lie close to a person’s heart; and working towards these causes will only enable that individual to make an informed decision of manifesting her good learnings. With the contribution of many individuals, eventually the world will become a much better place to live in.

The author is an MBA student at ISBR Business School, Bangalore. She describes herself as an avid reader and an artist.

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