Rediscovering the purpose of life

By Rahul Kapri

Podcast by Armie Espadero

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

How often do we feel contented when we reach our goals? Are we really able to cherish what we achieve? Filling our baskets more and more every day, but for whom? What is the answer to, ‘how much of anything will be sufficient’? The pressure to gain more and more is always haunting our minds. This is because most of us don’t discover what actually the real purpose of our lives is; until it’s too late and our glorious years are gone. All what today’s youth needs is to rediscover the purpose of his life.

While we are young most of our time goes in trying to fit-in to the ongoing contemporary trends and create a perception of worldly wisdom. This manifests by either making us busy living up to the social expectations or striving to jive on the tunes of various social and factional voices that we are constantly surrounded by. And as we grow old we are left with all sorts of life’s unanswered question, “was this the life I was destined to live?”

Today everyone is so busy and is so engaged in chasing life’s big pleasures and fulfilling the check boxes that society defines for an accomplished life, that one forgets the little joys of Life. How often we get time to dance to our heart’s content- bare foot on the grass, fall in love with the falling droplets of water on a rainy day, gaze the starry night sky and fall asleep like there is no tomorrow, plant a rose garden or just watch the sun rise and set. Alas! but these are the small pleasures of life that have been missed out in an attempt of surviving the social expectations every day and running like a programmed machine. Eventually all the happiness that our heart wishes for, and the soul desires for, are lost into oblivion.

We are living in an age where we proudly have concurred the highest peaks of Earth but are yet to discover ourselves, realize our Being and know the true meaning of our Life. In order to avert the serious crisis of having an emotionless and completely mechanic human being, we stand at a critical juncture today to take a call. This leads us to look deep inside ourselves and introspect the true essence of our existence, and hence the precious role one has to play in the Creation. By shifting ourselves from the realm of ordinary to extra ordinary we can build up our lives that culminates into a meaningful journey for ourselves. That said, it will involve a marked shift from living on the metrics proposed by the ‘society’ to living on one’s own terms.

Today if we reflect back on our lives as kids, our lives were much simpler; our sources of smiles were easy, contentment was right around the corner. Running for the butterflies and pinching the balloons, climbing the trees and plucking the fruits. A candy to stop the tears and mother’s kiss to end our fears, hugs were enough to end the fight and just closing the eyes we would sleep tight. Real happiness was always around us.

However illogical for others it may have had been but the small world of million imaginations we lived in it was the source of infinite happiness. Failed to live with it, toady we are searching for real happiness all around us, because we have never been able to understand that we ourselves are the only real source of our own happiness.

It is never too late to start again, to start finding the real meaning of our lives. Let us act again as those sincere children that we once were, and manifest the goals we have set for ourselves without forgetting our true essence in the rat-race. Let us rediscover the purpose of our lives in such a way that, when the day comes and we look back on our journey, all we have with us are just precious memories and experiences that set a big smile on our face: contented to the heart and soul with how we have lived for ‘our lives for ourselves’. Gandhi ji had once said, “Whatever you do might be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” Because no one else will ever do it for you; You yourself have to take the responsibility of finishing the task that you have decided to accomplish.

The author is Founder Director and CEO at Kapri Creations. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast who is into travelling and photography

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