The Universal Bro-Code

– Sarvesh Joshi & voice-over by Umair Siddiqui

Credit: & 20th Century Fox Television

What comes to your mind when you hear the term bro-code? Barney from “How I met your mother” or Joe and Chandler from “Friends” or maybe Jai and Veeru from “Sholay”. I can go on, but the list might be never-ending. What if I told you that we have been part of the coveted bro-code? As we progress further, I will narrate my bro-code experiences and you might relate to it as well.

“Vishal Bhai, I haven’t yet completed my holiday homework assignment. The Social studies teacher is quite particular about it. She might call my parents”, I told my classmate Vishal. In reply, he just said one line- “Why to worry when your bro is there”. I got the solution. Vishal was simply following the universal bro-code. The unseen bro-code rulebook states that, “A bro is supposed to help his bro when the situation is dicey”.

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In college, I had a tough Physics Practical Examination. The experiment allocated to me was the one that I hadn’t prepared at all. I knew I had a lab back straightaway. Just when I was about to give up on passing the lab practical, I heard my friend Yaman. We hadn’t interacted before but he said, “Bhai! I have been allotted the same experiment as yours. Just observe what I do and you will know it all about this experiment”. He helped me, despite not being a friend but adhering to the bro-code. 

During an office party, one of my office colleagues drank to his limits. He was nearly unconscious. It was around 2 a.m. as I am not used to getting up so late at night, I started getting a mild migraine headache. I knew I had to go home, quickly, and have my medicine at the earliest. But leaving your bro when he is badly drunk and you are sober, goes against the bro-code. I helped him get back to the regular state and dropped him safely back to his place on that night.

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Another unseen bro-code rule states, “You are supposed to be loyal to your bro if his girlfriend/spouse asks tricky questions about him”. My flatmate’s spouse once asked me the most obvious question in his absence, “Does he drink”. I answered in one word, “No”. A detailed answer could have made her suspicious and put my bro in danger; which I would never expect of. And so, I turned the situation in his favour.

Some pre-defined rules of this bro-code are: A “bro” cannot let anyone insult his bro, except him. Also, you are not supposed to date bro’s sister or any family member without his knowledge. It is more than just cheating on him.

Taking it as a millennial and modern lingo, the word ‘bro’ is used across all genders. So, a natural question arises whether the term bro-code is gender-specific? The answer might amuse you, as it is not. Illustrating this with a live case: I had a friend named Aisha whose friend was liked by my friend Amit. I am covered under bro-code, but we were sceptic of Aisha, whether she too will abide by the sanctities of the bro-code. However, Amit and I decided to go ahead and told Aisha about Amit’s feelings towards her friend. Her words put us in utter disbelief when she said, “We are bros. It is my responsibility to help Amit and be a keeper of this secret as well”. Well, things worked and Amit-Eshna became one of the loveliest couples. In this case, Aisha followed the bro-code’s golden rule, “A bro is supposed to be a gate-keeper of another bro’s secrets and help him”.

There is one common factor amongst all the rules of the bro-code rulebook, “Loyalty to your bro”. We are supposed to be stupid, intelligent, witty, crazy and what not with our bro/bros but stick to the bro-code always.

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As Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother says“Article2: “A Bro is always entitled to do something stupid, as long as the rest of his Bros are all doing it.”

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