Festivities Redefined – 2020

-Ms. Akanksha Seth and voiceover by Ms. Anshika Nigam

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below

I am going home for the Holi celebrations”, he said. Packing his backpack with bare minimum essentials, he locked his room, bidding it a farewell for the week. Making sure he bought his mom’s favorite sweets, the festive escapade shone bright on the face of the homecoming warrior. And why should it not be? After all, he had waited all year long for the festivals to arrive when he could visit his family members ever since he started working for a MNC in one of the metro cities. An escape from the hustle bustle of a busy city to the comforting calmness of homely vibes was a celebration in itself. The days when a week stay at home meant a big deal, (ask the bosses), he was relieved that he could spend an entire week with his family. Little did he know, 2020 had other plans.

The pandemic extended the stay from holi to Diwali. The year of work-cation has redefined the meaning of celebrations. A revisit to school days when we would stay at home and wait for the festivals, is back again. No matter even if you have your pockets full, unlike those limited savings, pocket-money days, the world has re-adjusted itself to the beauty of simplicity in celebrations. Celebrations, quite contrary to the days of partying and gifting, dolling up and visiting places, have a greater significance and essence now. Greater significance for not only watching the festival preparations from a distance as we are a “guest who has arrived for few days” but a full-time family member who will assist the parents with all festival chores. More essence because it is now that thrust is given to everything made at home and understand the deeper meanings of each relation that bind us.

A year which made sure that almost every individual is already with his/her family and every festival is celebrated in a socially distant yet family-centric way. A year of collaborated efforts where they cook and eat together, spend time together has been treated with mixed emotions.

Yes, there is no more waiting for a festival to pack the bags and return home, and be treated like a celebrity, but yes there is a comfort, a luxury to celebrate the little joys of life. There is in fact a reconnect to modesty and spirituality, where every moment is a celebration in itself. It’s no longer about getting dressed in the brightest clothes that are trending, but about the brightest corners of the home and re-adjusting to days when we would wait for the festivals to chant the hymns together.

Celebrations now are all about creativity. From home-made sweets to rangolis and lanterns, this year has brought us closer to the long lost vibe of putting in an extra effort to hone our skills and balance our personal and professional lives. The social media today is flooded with booming talent where everyone is exploring their creative side. Budding artists and performers are born at home each day and the limelight today is more radiant than yesterday.

So let’s not overlook this festive vibe and disregard the little things that make 2020 a year of celebration and spread some positivity ahead.

For them who are waiting to travel ever since they came home for holi celebrations .. Team Genesis wishes you all a very happy and safe diwali 2020!!

The author is a software engineer by vocation and is passionate about poetry, photography and oration.

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