Progressions, Loops and Realisations

By Archit Tiwari

Podcast by Mr. Sumangal Haldar

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

Art and expression are two standpoints !

As age progresses, one realizes the meaning of so many simple but extra ordinary curls and turns in the progression. Like how society moves and the gatekeepers of a country affect its shape, size and life dynamics.

Conservation and exchange of knowledge is such a contracted business today. We can see that on one hand, technology has made most tasks possible, Internet is the bank of knowledge, yes it is but on the other hand, where are the teachers? The internet can provide us with knowledge but not the values attached to knowledge, not the feelings attached to knowledge. Without values & feelings attached to knowledge that we are consuming, most of it is just inorganic gulping…

Life looks simple, is simple; but in our choices, is the answer to the complication that we create for ourselves. The deeper we go, more is the complication that surfaces up. The faster we move, weariness circles us. The simpler we keep things, further we go.

The mapping of one’s life is such a process. So many people have come and gone, so has been written/sung/expressed and displayed. Still we miss out on the simplest fabric of life so soon. So much to say and so much to do, but we are tied to a thread, hanging somewhere over an insignificant boundary. Tied in our confusions and shackles of longing for meaningless things & people. Not realising that, time, is moving, forward.

Time- the fourth dimension, keeps progressing, often making sequential progressions and many a times giving a random sequence. These loops between time are the periods where one life happens- contended or longing for something is the choice which that person makes through his actions. These actions are again an outcome of various shades of realizations that draw upon that person. Life is all but a function of these progressions, loops and realizations. The more we comprehend and realize the life in these progressions and loops, the more we move towards greater self actualization.

The author is Director APAC at MAGNA Global

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