Shade of Gray that I like

By Ahfaz Jiwani

Podcast by Sumangal Haldar

You can listen to the article or read the transcript below

On the night, when there were more colours in the sky than
The stars,
I waited for the moon
To wear that shade of grey that I like.

I waited for the moon while I lit up the spaces around me with short-lived glares
From the fake smiles which I had been practicing all week
In the mirror.

I waited for it while I put songs
On each and every dark corner
In my one room apartment and tried
My best to dance off
The loneliness that has lived here
With me for quite some time now.

I waited for it while I cooked few more dreams
In my kitchen standing by the counter,
While I poured myself few more thoughts
About freedom and moving on
While I tasted the sounds of reality
That came in with the sound of city
Leaking through my shattered dreams.

I waited for
The sounds, the lights
The stars, the city,
The thoughts to stop
When there was nothingness around me
Again I found myself lying in the bed looking at the moon which was
Wearing the shade of grey that I like.

I recited this poem
To myself
Not to hurt myself
on the day we all were
supposed to be happy
but to
have a conversation
on the night we all were
supposed not
To be left alone.

The author is a Software engineer who describes himself as a poetic soul. He is passionate about Football, Creative Writing, Technology, and Binge watching web-series

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