Wherever Life plants you, bloom with joy- II

By Jyotsna Joshi and Voiceover by Akanksha Seth

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

Waiting for the opportunity to knock your doors or opening every door and finding the treasure! Procrastinating before initiating every work or completing a work and then calling off the day! Waiting for the team leader to assign responsibility to you or approaching her upfront and asking for more responsibilities! Yes, the choice is yours… 

In the last nine months many people have lost their jobs due to the after effects of COVID-19. This has led to some delirious effects at both consumption levels and at macro-economic levels. At household level, due to lesser disposable income in many households Consumption reduced. This reduced consumption was of non-essentials where people took a call to prioritize their spending based on immediate necessities, of which groceries contributed a large chunk. Meanwhile at macro level, due to the nation-wide lockdown imposed manufacturing of many commodities could not take place, hampering the pace of economic growth. This led to laying off of the workers and cost cutting decisions by many firms. Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn have been flooded with job seeking posts like such and such person, with a work experience of so many years and degree from most reputed institutions wants a job urgently due to COVID-19 induced termination. While there are many likes and shares to those posts, the same post-by the same person keep resurfacing even after two three months. This is an indication of how badly a person has needed an opportunity since last few months, for which he even sought help. However, other than few sympathetic forwards, likes, and shares to his job request, nothing much could be offered. 

On the other hand, in the last two three months after market has shown some positive signals of economic recovery, there are job postings by reputed firms on various portals. While job seekers are applying and leaving no stone unturned to get into the job market again, there are few caveats that need to be considered. 

1. Application should be made with a bonafide intention of serving the organisation, and not just treating it as a stepping stone. The recruiters are prudent and experienced enough to judge the bird by its feathers. 

2. Doing market and firm research regarding the work culture and firm performance. It should be kept in mind that the responsibilities of the role towards which a person is applying, should be completely in sync with his requirements and qualifications. After all, performance is driven by complete information. 

3. Be open to discussing your priorities with the recruiters. If you are staying in a particular city and the role requires travel, make it clear with the employer as to what percentage of job responsibilities does travel take. Only when once you are comfortable, join the team. This is because, with satisfaction comes a happy state of mind, which drives performance. 

4. If you are still searching for jobs, instead of only relying on people whom you have already worked with, be open to approaching and discussing opportunities with those who exist in your field but are not known to you. It’s true that first time conversant might not listen to you that intently, but if you prove your credibility through your works (in elevator pitch), who knows you may be taken in the team that person is leading. 

5. Be hopeful that this is a short spell of time and will pass by. Be hopeful that you will land on something good, commensurate to your qualifications and expectations. While job searching periods can be extremely mind-straining, don’t put adding skills to your skill-set on a back seat. As in, keep learning and living each day, as a positive mind leads to positive results.

The author is a Public Policy & Economic Development Consultant with KPMG Bangalore

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