By Ms Vidhi Yadav

Podcast by Ms Anukriti Awasthi

You can listen to the article or read the transcript below

The colors of friendship fade away,

The bright white and vibrant black grays away.

Everything that was not untold earlier

Have now become the unknown tear,

All the li’l talks now seem as a fear

Eventually, we are the ones who have everything to bear.

The day we met

Was an unforgettable bet,

Years passed in time’s test

Walking down the memory lane, even though our eyes are wet

But no chance to see each other we get.

Remembering the mischievous days

All the good & bad times and moments together we had prayed,

Everything will wash off on sprinkle off few busy days.

There come times when we are all alone and astray.

And now, though we hardly get chance to talk

We reminisce those long walks,

In the backyard of those memories flash

Of which no treasures of the World would encash.

There could be nothing that would fade away,

Just as black and white could be separated as hay.

Life has miseries

Life has memories,

All this while we choose to pick up good experiences

And enjoy Life’s small joys and nuances.

One thing resonates: All shades are beautiful

Gray could, maybe, has the reason for being dutiful,

Just mix the white- as brighter it is

Just mix the black- darker it is

And it becomes so easy to balance the gray.

This shade comes with a guide: the stronger you stay

The more dissolvable is your gray.

Living life in a happy way

Cherishing memories that even had dismay

You walk away from the Gray.

Then distances don’t matter, as you are only a talk away

And there will be no room for gray,

Hopes of joy floods the sadness away

As only happiness spreads throughout the way.

The white is bright and black is vibrant,

And the gray has taken deep down silent.

The author is a software Engineer and an artist.


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