Of Peace

Written and voice-over by Mr. Sumangal Haldar

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

Its almost an end of a turbulent year that shook the whole world, and the topic may seem to some quite out of place; though it is not. The year has tested us against all our wit and strength, and we are yet on our toes…surviving. Who could ever imagine that he would see this end of the year when the outcry of Pandemic was engulfing the whole world towards the beginning of this very year? Every single day we would jump to see the data rise; of people effected, people survived and people who could not see another day. And slowly it became a usual thing, so much so that the media stopped showing it on their prime times and places. 

Talking about peace in such a situation is required because it is the end of a year and we have entered a month which has been celebrated as the month of peace for more than two thousand years. Yes, it is Christmas season, and people may not know that it is the month of peace too, and how Christmas and peace are interlinked and associated to each other. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as Christmas, and of all the prophetic documentations done, about some thousands of years before the birth of Christ, reveal that He would take birth as the ‘Prince of Peace’. This Prince came not as a conqueror, or as a ruler, or as some person royal at birth, but took birth in a manger and offered the very essential thing to the world, a thing that is able to solve most of human race’s problems, and that is peace. He offers it to all who ask of Him, there is no limit to this asking the only condition is that a person seeking this should believe in Him. 

Being in peace is a state of mind. It is immaterial. There is no material thing to achieve it. It is felt and once this state is achieved it can be repeated with a similar process of asking. There are many who in quest of this peace, surrender to substances and so many pseudo methods of temporary empty hangovers that is often termed as peace. One needs not to spend money to achieve this, the process is so easy and a person achieving it learns to come into terms with life. I find no other way to explain it better. 

Ever wondered why Christmas happened almost in the end of the year?  Because the Prince of Peace knew that you had a troubled year and to enter into a new one you need strength, so to keep it as a reminder for all, Christmas, till date, happens. 

You had a troubled year? Once again, the Prince of Peace has come to offer you peace. This Christmas as you celebrate, try and ask some peace from Him, and surely you will get it.     

Merry Christmas to all of You. 

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