Rest in peace: 2020

By Rahul Kapri

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

Once in a while it happens to almost every one of us when we try to go and sleep; there are these hundreds and thousands of muddled thoughts that take control of our minds. The thoughts of our past, present and future. Some memories that we wish to forget and some of them that we will cherish forever.

It had been months since I met my friends and after a long while we met and sat amongst ourselves around this warm and bright bonfire on a dark and cold night, armoured with good food, light music in the background and little chitchat.

This was the first time we were meeting after the inception and widespread of the pandemic COVID-19, and lockdown imposed thereafter. We talked about our families and friends and discussed the events keeping up with the whole year- and how it had been to each one of us. Our jobs, businesses, pace of activities in our daily lives, of the acquaintances and even celebrities who lost their lives, dreams and their loved ones because of COVID-19; we even mentioned those who survived against all odds i.e. the virus and made life happening.

The night was getting thick and hazy. It was getting more and more chilly. The fire had almost suffocated itself; dying spark by spark, into ashes. We finished our dinner, wished each other goodnight and a safer and a happier new year 2021 and drove back to our respectively homes.

By the time I reached back to my home, it was freezing cold and after getting away from that bonfire all I wanted was a cosy bed. I sanitized my hands, my mobile phone, had a warm shower and wrapped myself like a holiday present; in the blanket- shivering and chattering.

Amidst all this activity chaos, I went into a pensive silence subconsciously and started thinking of our lives in the year that just ended, the year 2020. And my silence questioned to mind, “who would have ever thought it would turn out like this”?
Millions of people lost their lives. So many families couldn’t see their beloved and dear ones before the latter succumbed to virus. Those million dreams that disappeared and all those hearts that are filled with tears. I felt sad, took a huge sigh and with this I got out of these figment of thoughts that had been surrounding my mind.

It was not cold anymore; I was not shivering or chattering. The space between me and my blanket was already warm now.
Time is an amazing balm; often it fades away the deepest scars in our lives making it a faint existence in our thought as if it never appeared, never happened, never existed.
I prayed that Time does its best to heal the people physically and emotionally. And may God help us, recover us, protect us and guide us; to make better and meaningful lives for us and everyone near and dear to us.
Finally I closed my eyes and took a deep breath slept with a hope that when I wake up, when the world wakes up; it would be a new year, a better year, with opportunities galore for the ones who wish to ascend. It will be a brighter day, a day that would embrace us with warmth and propel us with faith and motivation to the days ahead in that year. That we would wake up with new hopes, into a New World – changed for good or bad – but definitely a New World: 2021.

The author is Director at Kapri Creations. He loves photography, designing and cooking.

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