By Mr. Archit Tewari and voice over by Mr. Sumangal Haldar

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

What can I write?
Rather, what should I write?
How can I describe something beyond description?
How can I describe something abstract?

How to elucidate a wonder, is what I wonder now.
The sky was clear and blue, and the sun was shining adieu.
The sea was a calm hue, and the wind was in lieu a little new.
Birds were chirping a tune and my mind was indeed a fume
Waves rocking away, the droplets were cooling my face
Wind was in an array, struck my face again and again
The cliff was proud and outrageous, contrasted my emotion and situation
Condition of emotion was in a state of flood

I looked at the sun, he waved me off
I looked at the sky; he pulled up a black curtain
The birds bid farewell, the wind got silent
Feeling the sand, I had a stinging sensation
The waves rolled to beat me…
Am I lone, side cast alone?

Someone celestial waved
The man with the lantern winked
Someone close was patting me continuously
The man with the trident was waking me
And the twinkling stars had started to cry
Dew filled the space around me,
Someone heavenly was walking towards the sea

Waves were roaring and moon was disturbed
Stars were crying, heaven was flying
Clouds were fighting, light was dazzling
The sea was crouching and a butterfly unaware was gliding
Like fire it crept, like a lion it leapt
Sprang to life, my heart was at unrest
Leapt to life, my legs at their best
Pulling out the butterfly, I realized what it was
Like an adder of the past, for eve the sea was

The shore was silent, there was no one around
Like milk in moonlight, the face shone
Arms round my neck, like baby in a lap
Face in my chest, like the moon in warp
Like a fairy without wings, this butterfly was
A pentagon in hand, unveiling in this land
Heaven for sure…It was like fire and ice

(Placing it on the sepals, I blew air and waited for response, after a halt, a breath of relief. The flame in the lanterns enlightened my face but pulled on a curtain soon
Breath of life and rays of hope had flashed green, Looked at the unconscious, I looked…)

Waterfall on the temple, drops flying off, with the wind
A gently sloping contour and petals lying at its base
The moon hid itself in complexion and the night glittered to pay homage

Like a baby she laid, like innocence on hay
Unconscious exuding warmth, I thought of fire in consciousness
Comparing and failing, the unconscious with the nature
Nature took a backseat with a creation of itself
Questions unfurled without answers

Unconsciously so magnetically attractive, and loveable like life,
Could a dawn be more beautiful in consciousness?
Talking like a tempest, a child’s innocence flowing
Could a day be up and brighter than its aura?
Down so electrifying could be lightning ahead

Unconsciously so happy and peaceful, I thought of a satisfied dove in consciousness
Like a philosopher’s thoughtfulness, like love’s glamour
Truthful like blind faith, vibrant; reflecting a rainbow
Unconsciously so vibrating, was there an earthquake in conscious?
Air’s touch and coolness of experience led me delve in the deepness of sea
The vastness of sky, the awesome nature, so artistic unconsciously,

(I thought of time’s independence and God’s creativity in consciousness)
Imagination running insane, my eyes blurred in vain
First sparks disturbed my eyelids and they popped up to look at dawn
From a window somewhere far, the sun was peeping at par

Like a curtain over the sky, the clouds were rolling over the mighty sun
The birds were singing in unison and the wind had started to run
The inland had features so many, but it faded before the unconscious fairy
Finally the curtain got raised, in succession my eyes were glazed

Who are you she asked and I almost passed…
Like the morning’s birds chirping along the temple’s bell ringing
Like the wind chimes clinging with the water pot’s gurgling
Rustling of autumn’s leaves in the silence of peace
Like my heart said something to me……..?

An inch I moved forward and I almost went onward
Like the sandalwood’s divinity along the red chilies’ seductively
Like the spirituality of incense sticks creeps with the passion of roses
To freshen up, like the freshness of purity……..!!

The author is Director at APAC at MAGNA Global

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