Dreams Unlimited

By Mr. Sattvik Mishra

Podcast by Ms Akanksha Seth

You can listen to the podcast here or read the article below.

Dreams- a perfect and positive replacement for the word “Desire”, propel a person ahead in life. In the present scenario we all are running fast, as fast as we can. In this rat race of survival, often we forget to take a pause and reflect what actually we want and where is the destination we are headed to. We enter the nearly fifteen years of schooling and year after year on being promoted to a new level, move closer to our calling. I recently completed my grade twelfth. I am both happy and excited for entering the professional education world as an undergraduate student. 

I am a student of engineering! With full-time classes on a halt at the moment, I am yet awaiting to enter my college campus. Like each engineering student, I too have dreams. I  had listened it from my cousins and seniors about the bustling college life wherein amidst the time-tight schedules packed with classes and extra-curricular activities, people manage their tiring days through weekends hang-outs with friends. Almost every student in his undergraduate is excited to explore the world, try new adventures, learn new skills, but at the end of their degree hardly a few can look back and cherish at the fruitful time they have had. While each student enters college with zenith of dreams about the future, time and place constraints modify these dreams into a subset of the actual dream basket.

I hold in my eyes dreams about a near future beckoning with lot of self learning, skill development, and progress made through small initial steps. I am very much excited for my upcoming adventure, which may begin after stepping into the new world- college and hostel life. A life full of energy is waiting for me, new paths are waiting to be travelled, unchartered routes are yet to be explored and learn from. My journey as a learner begins, right from now till the eternity. 

The writer in me is ignited and boosted with confidence and creativity. The musician in me wants to hum to the beats of life. All this shall be credited to that one word- DREAM!

That one positive trait of ambition which is the diamond found among the coal- is instilled because of dreams. My main focus during my college life will be evolving myself per second, taking the best out of me in every single task which I would perform 

I know it’s too much of plans as of now. But the way I am excited, words and emotions just don’t match up with the pace at which I want to communicate my thoughts. All through out this process of churning the best form out of myself, there are a few caveats that every student like me has to keep in mind- that of avoiding traits like over analysis of situations and over-thinking. One can indeed cross every hurdle in life with a firm belief on oneself and with a positive attitude in life.  I would like to conclude my write-up by saying that always dream big, much bigger than you can think of! For, only if you aim at the stars can you land at the moon.

The author is a first year B.Tech student at Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur

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