Work-Life Balance

By Jyotsna Joshi and voice over by Anshika Nigam

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

With professional commitments demanding a good amount of everyday time, we have been hearing the term “work life balance” often these days. More so with the corporate  fueling with larger business goals, business targets to be met keep employees on their toes, especially those with a larger stake. In situation like these, many companies have initiated specific arrangements like relaxing activities, weekend hang outs and virtual light sessions. All these are done with a clear agenda of make the employee- the most valuable resource of the company, feel rejuvenated and pumped up with positivity. 

While activities lightening the burden of work are taken care of by the companies, a fundamental level needs to be catered by each individual herself. And that is managing her relationships and lifestyle at a personal front. Since human being is social by nature there is a web of relationships that are ascribed by him/her. These relations demand a certain level of investment of time and energy. With work life becoming hectic as a person elevates the professional ladder, it becomes increasingly challenging to take along all the relations. It is indeed an achievement in itself to be socially connected as well as professionally accomplished. Secondly, there are a set of hobbies and passions that a person wants to ardently pursue. However with the paucity of time resource, he has to judiciously allocate time among the activities he wishes to do and activities he can actually do. Thirdly, there is a trend nowadays amidst people living in tier one and two cities, of bring associated with some activity club, be it hiking, cycling, music band, aerobics, book reading, cooking & baking, and endless number of activities. All these activities not only enable a person to hone his skills and beat the work stress, but also get social validation among the community he is staying with. Managing such clubs and one’s passions along with work is exemplifying judiciousness, leading to personal happiness and bliss. 

While there is a large body of research delving into the nitty-gritty of how to maintain work life balance, my article emphasizes on simple hacks, based out of my personal experiences, on how to manage professional and personal commitments. 

1. Make a point to call your immediate family, even if it is for five minutes, everyday. This on-boards them with your know how as well as your commitments. When they are able to see how much effort you make to stay in touch with them, they in turn acknowledge your works and act firmly beside you. In addition to this wish your extended family and friends on their special occasions, and stay in touch with them through texts and calls, which ever mode is convenient to you. 

2. Ensure that you eat healthy and take all three/four meals of the day. Skipping meals due to work reduces efficiency. Also, when one is contended of having good food, her outputs towards tasks streamline. 

3. Make sure you spend at least half an hour every day towards the activity which you feel your day is incomplete without. So, if one feels he likes reading, reading a book/magazine/newspaper every day, the first thing in early morning hours, gives one a lot of confidence. It’s very important to start off with your day on a positive note, so that you remain pumped up for the whole day. 

4. Music and happiness are correlated in case of most of the people. So whenever in tensed situations in office, keep your earphones handy and uplift your mood with few songs of any genre you feel is soothing. This not only reduces the work induced tensions but also triggers happiness in one’s system. 

Eventually, happiness levels of each person are an outcome of the way in which he/she manages her work and personal sphere. So one must be active towards striking this balance on the right chord, without missing on any professional commitment and at the same time not sacrificing his personal time.

The author is an Economic Development and Public Policy Consultant. Views expressed are personal and do not represent any organization

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