Not just eligible, be suitable !

By Mr. Sumangal Haldar and voice over by Ms. Akanksha Seth

You can listen to the article here or read the transcript below…

For the last 15 days I have been trying to fill multiple vacancies, in the organization I work, but failed to do so. My ex-colleague who heads a segment of a private limited company is in a similar situation and confides in me the problems he is facing for the last one month. We both are more than 600 miles apart, but face a similar problem. Let me share my piece of experience. 

It is not that I am not getting candidates eligible, but the problem is to get a suitable candidate. For some days I have kept the interview slot open, any candidate who visits us, my top priority becomes to interview that candidate. Unlike the regular HRs, which I am not, I prefer giving exact feedback so that the candidate is sure enough to search for other avenues and opportunities. I have tried hard and failed to find one suitable candidate who is serious enough, not about the profile he would hold but about himself.  Let me categorize the lackadaisical approach which persists: 

Resume: One would fail to find one single document that has been crafted for a specific purpose. The content is so general and common that if candidates are from similar vicinity the printed introduction or the resume is more or less the same (sometimes, the father name matches too). It makes me feel, whether the said document was made for matrimonial purpose or what, because the document does not showcase anything that would relate to the work profile applied for, rather reflect age, sex, marital status, address, phone number and parent or guardians name more prominently and something on marks and schooling thereafter and in some corner something on hobbies and interests. That’s the end of it, for a document that will determine the direction for the interview. 

Hyperbolic Assumptions: If given a chance I can… – My simple query to all those who suffer from such assumptions, whether or not they have, in their life done something they assume they could do. If not yes, then only a miracle can help you do it now. Ironically most don’t even realize that they have been doing things that could be expressed as an answer to this question. But they never think to think. 

Skill Set vis a vis Job Profile: Its hard to find a candidate who spends time thinking about his own skill sets and try and relate to the job profile he is applying for. Most of the time spend for preparing for an interview is wasted in surface level preparation and gossip. 

The author is an educationist and trainer involved at various levels of teaching and educating students.

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