Flight to greater horizons (Genesis Webzine- ‘Meet the leaders’ series)

By Jyotsna Joshi and voice over by Sumangal Haldar

When one is determined to extend his limits to meeting infinity, sky is the limit. Meeting new people, exploring new places vis-a-vis the popular culture has been a dream for many Gen Z and Milennials. However, when your work takes you to places it’s nothing less than an achievement in itself. You not only confine yourself to certain geographies but try to become a global citizen and find solutions to bigger challenges. 

Meet Mr. Prudhvi Pavuluri, a German Chancellor fellow whose professional journey has been vivid and enriching. Starting from a South Indian state, he has touched upon various dimensions of development- amidst varying cultural contexts. His first development sector endeavor was working with tribal youth as a Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellow (PMRDF). Based on skill development training programs, that fellowship was designed to work in the interior areas of India to bring positive change in the lives of people. According to him: “During the fellowship I got the opportunity to work with the government and understand the intricacies of policymaking and implementation, particularly in the skill development and livelihood thematic areas. I worked with central, state, private institutions, and various agencies that were engaged in skill development programs. Being placed in a tribal hamlet of East Godavari district of the state of Andhra Pradesh as a PM fellow, I witnessed a gradual improvement in the human development indicators prima facie through the government interventions in skilling”.

With many stints in state and national government bodies as a policy advisor and director, Prudhvi’s first international immersion was in Beijing, China wherein he studied various aspects of the Chinese culture and challenges towards development faced by them. These immersions with a varied cohort of learners hailing from different countries has been an eye opener to the outer world and challenges faced by each of those countries, and the most interesting part being, what all they have done to combat those challenges. The second international immersion at Germany as a German Pro chancellor fellow has been very insightful as well. According to Prudhvi: “The Fellowship has opened a plethora of opportunities for me to learn from people who have the best in the industry experience in the skill development processes, networking with like-minded people, and towards gaining wide exposure. Fellows from five different countries (U.S.A, China, Brazil, India, and Russia) working on different projects are working with me alongside so as to bring enormous diversity in terms of cultures, knowledge, and experiences”.

His travels to these places have been filled with picking up the best practices from each. While in China there was an ambience of work life balance visible through evening activities of aerobics in open public parks,  the innovations incorporated into everyday activities in Germany make it distinct. Germany has efficient and eco-friendly waste management systems targeted at reducing plastic pollution which make the city look bountiful and a pleasant place. 

With so many places already in his travel case, Prudhvi is hopeful of working towards the betterment of the national proposing implementable solutions to challenges like unemployment. We wish him good luck towards his endeavours and each flight that he makes towards meeting his aspirations.

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