MBA- through my eyes!

By Nidhi Tiwari and voice over by Anshika Nigam

Ever considered to what extent learning really occurs in a B-School? Indeed, an MBA experience is one among a sort! How about we examine it? ‘A day has 24 hours. 24 hours!’ The main sentence is reality. The second is the acknowledgment of reality. It doesn’t come to everybody. It requires order and commitment to utilize the main blessing offered to humanity – time, viably, and productively. Fortunately for B-School understudies, they’re made to get it, even before they get to come out of their vacation period breathing a sigh of relief for making it to a B-School.

The To-do’s and Time-table:-

Did you perceive what extent of work you’ll get cleared out a day?


Two classes of 3-hours, each

Lunch in the middle

One test

One introduction

Two corporate Sessions

One group task


The groundwork for another test

Late-night meet with Friends over Coffee at 12 PM (since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy).

Sleep & Repeat!

Intended to appear to be insane to the surface world, this system presents a way to figuring out how to utilize time ideally. You may have found out about Eisenhower’s Time Management grid in principle, however, this system will make you apply it to your way of life. Take away your dozing and eating hours from 24, and accordingly, and the rest is the time waiting to be conquered, time that is to be appropriately divided into multiple tasks based on their priority, all requiring your undivided attention. Multiple Tasks without multitasking. B-Schools paid attention to it very much! With eleventh-hour plan changes in classes, eventually, notice for tests, and quarter-hour to report back to a meeting in formals, you’ll bid farewell to your pre-arranged occasions and daily agendas for the afternoon. You mold, as the circumstance requests, figure out how to learn to get rid of to-dos, and start making time blocks as small as the next 15 mins or 30 mins of the day to get things done. That is the solitary time heavily influenced by you. Rest is obscure. Be prepared. Be nimble.

How we Connect:-

Kindergarten kids take seconds to show from aliens to companions. School kids take minutes. Students take a couple of days or seven days. With age, our belief systems cement, and assumptions supplant a receptive outlook.  Now imagine a group of early to mid-twenties and above, coming from different parts of India or the world, with diverse academic backgrounds, trying to work through their spectrum of thoughts to come to a consensus. 

Extreme? Truly! 

Stunning? Likewise yes! 

You put ‘receptive outlook’ back on the table, eliminating all guesses and self-image, attempting to see each other’s’ perspective, contributing where their qualities lie, and observing in areas of weaknesses. You learn about different histories and cultures. MBA experience will make you figure out how to have clashes yet in addition, to bargain and resolve. Isn’t that what the world is attempting to discover in their leaders?

Although the MBA can be rigorous and competitive, it can also be extremely rewarding at the same time; at the end of the degree when you emerge as a victorious warrior. Like gold as an ore battered and processed into fine brand of ornament. The paucity of time that you realize each day and learn how to plan your schedules whilst managing everything; the importance of true friends in life and refreshing breaks that you take with them, keep adding to your life-skills. All in all- MBA is not just a degree, but an experience.

The author is an MBA student at ISBR, Bangalore

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