Life…thy name is spreading happiness!

(Genesis Webzine- ‘Meet the leaders’ series)

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When one looks at life as an opportunity to spread happiness through his skill sets, life becomes a blissful frame of eternal joy. Today’s spot-light series covers an artist who has donned a hat comprising of beautiful attributes. From being a trained vocalist to an educational-content creator, to one linking social work initiatives to the kitties of renowned Corporate, this person believes in learning new things and expanding his skill-sets with each passing day; such that not only his life is rendered as that with Purpose, but he also meets the greater cause of spreading smiles on people’s faces. 

Having performed and won in various national singing competitions, getting an appreciation from the singing sensation Sonu Nigam, starting his own YouTube channel afresh in 2018 and garnering 4000+ subscribers so far, publishing an original composition recently that has received a stellar response, and spearheading many Community Initiatives across the spectrum of Education, Environment, Livelihood and Entrepreneurship, are some of the terrains that he has embarked upon and conquered. We are elated to introduce you all to Mr. Pallav Joshi, a renowned singer as well as educator.

Born and raised in Lucknow, Pallav has been inclined to the field of music since childhood and has been trained in the field of Hindustani Classical Music. He calls himself a ‘life-long student of music’. With his initial schooling and graduation degree from the city of Lucknow, he had an opportunity of learning from the exponents of Banaras, Rampur-Sahaswan gharanas of music. Post college he worked in TCS Lucknow for approximately 7 Years, wherein he had joined the Organization as an IT resource and had worked as a QA Automation Engineer. His internal calling of serving the society was furthered and polished by the ‘Giving back to the Society’ culture of the Tatas, based on which he moved from technical domain into the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) domain. Another reason of moving into CSR was the fact the domain gave him an opportunity to utilize and hone his interpersonal, communication and people management skills

While leading the CSR operations of TCS in the UP region for nearly 4 years, Pallav decided to expand his geographical purview in terms of greater connect to diversified pool of people by moving to Wells Fargo Hyderabad for leading the regional CSR operations in the southern region. Meticulously working in the field for nearly 2 years, his calling took him to newer trajectories, paving way for higher horizons. He quit Wells Fargo in Nov 2020 to pursue the passions of singing and imparting soft skills, English (through YouTube) to the larger audience in the simplest way possible. The name of the initiative is Simply Soft Skills wherein he publishes content around the theme of ‘Laugh Learn Lead’.

According to him, the factors that motivated him towards pursuing the greater cause of serving the society are: “Desire to realize my potential, spreading happiness amongst people, empowering others and making an impact, becoming a better person today than I was yesterday”. When asked about his remarkable achievements in the field he gives a very modest reply, “I believe that  our achievements are not really ours. The voice is a God gift, the knowledge belongs to the Gurus and whatever little name/fame I have earned belongs to the people (like you) who have always supported and believed in my initiatives. Hence these belong to us and not me alone. Every time I made someone smile through my singing or contribution in CSR or Simply Soft Skills, I count that as an accomplishment. And for me heart count matters more than head count”.

Counting contribution to music as his aspiration towards his pursuit of happiness, he considers the major pillars of support and motivation as: good books, loving family and friends, extended family of well-wishers on the Social Media. A message Pallav believes in and hallmarks is: “Life is short (shorter than we think). It is full of people who would say it’s impossible. However, there are also some of them who see brighter side of each aspect. Join them! All of us are in the pursuit of happiness; I found it in pursuing my passions, continuously challenging my potential while making people happy. If you haven’t found your recipe to happiness, you may try mine. Who knows, we might belong to the same tribe who chisel themselves to become someone’s definition of happiness.”

Best wishes to Pallav in his endeavour to spreading smiles on people’s faces, while also upping his alley and contributing educational content for the learners.

Interviewer: Ms. Jyotsna Joshi, Managing Editor, Genesis Webzine

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