By Mr. Birendra Khati

Incident 1:

It was the month of January 2021 and winter was here to stay for another month. In the chill weather of Bangalore , in the partly cloudy morning,I sat on the moistbench on the corner of the Sankey lake. Piercing the dark background,The Sun rose to glory from the golden womb. It was such a beautiful sight that only silence prevailed inside as well as outside. I did not know when I fell asleep gazing into the horizon. I woke up satisfied still wondering how I could fall asleep at the first place witnessing themarvel of nature.


Incident 2:

I had been riding in the mountainous terrain of Nepal from the morning. The more deeper I rode into the forest, The more it felt like coming back home. I was overwhelmed with a sense of belonging to the place even though the journey was long and tiring. I felt a strange sense of Love and assurance in the forests just as the crying child feels when restored to the Mother’s care. There is a hidden charm in the hills which eyes fail to capture but heart never fails to.


Incident 3:

The beauty of Canada is indescribable, especially in pleasent summer. I am sure that the Gods in heaven would be happy to swap places with the Canadians. It was somewhere between Brooks and Calgary that I saw a huge estate of Greenland, probably hundreds of acres, just besides the highway. The cattles , easily numbering more than thousands, were feeding peacefully in theopen field oblivious to the world existing outside. I had the great fortune to take a good look at them for the few moments that my bustook to pass the section. The scenic beauty , The calm demeanor of the cattles , The pure air , The silence inthe atmosphere made me wonder if I was still on the planet Earth. For any one who has grown up in the chaos of the city, silence, just as the unheard music, adds apleasent mystery to the life.

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In my last ten years of professional life, These are some of the moments that I remember clearly.Otherwise, all my days are so similar that I don’t specifically findanything worth remembering.

It cannot be denied that we are at peace when we are in theforests,mountains,oceans,rivers or any place away from the chaotic cities which are the pinnacle of our so called civilization. We see a new version of ourselves in these places. It is no wonder that the words “forest therapy” and “nature therapy” are slowlygaining popularity around the world. The therapies are based on the principle that “ what happens when people remember that we are a part of nature, not separate from it, and are related to all other beings in fundamental ways”(

However, I refuse to believe that the locations by themselves are the only factorsthat influence the personality. There seems to be some more mystery to it. One possible explanation that I personally like to believe(I may be wrong) is that the outer beauty in forests and other natural places is only a reciprocation of the limitless beauty that is present inside each of us.Therefore we are at peace in these locations.It is the addiction to the gadgets, social media, news and many other thingsthat completely occupies our mind all the time that we are unable to dig deeper and find the ever flowing peace that is inherently ours. Since any further discussion will only lead us towards gates of philosophy, I leave it to the discretion of readers tocontemplate on the secrets of nature to add happiness to their lives.

P.S: Just contemplating on the reasons would trick your mind to believe you areactually in forest and help you to be peaceful.

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